Franchi Phoenix  OReillys Firearms

Franchi Phoenix Sporter

12g or 20g - either 30" or 28" Barrel

Made in Italy and designed exclusively for the Australian market, the Franchi Phoenix is an absolute work horse. Season after season you can rely on it to deliver in terms of performance, accuracy and vaule for money. It comes cased with 5 chokes (3 are steel shot proofed) and in fact, the field version has been a firm favourite among duck hunters for multiple seasons.


Mechanical trigger - Ensures every shot counts as it does not require recoil to set up for the second shot.

Steel Shot Proof - Steel shot proofed so you can use steel shot cartridges when you need to.

5 Chokes - Comes standard with 5 chokes, 3 of which are for steel shot, well above what comes as standard with other comparable brands. 

Hardwearing Case - Your Franchi will be protected for years to come by the hardwearing Franchi case it comes with.