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Smart Reloader Omega 800 Reloading Kit

Smart Reloader Omega 800 Reloading Kit

An affordable kit with a wide collection of reloading equipment; features everything you need except dies, shell holders and cartridge components.

  • Omega 800 Reloading Press: A heavy steel reloading press which can reload up to the calibre 375H&H. It works with a standard press shellholder and any reloading die (7/8" x 14 threaded).
  • SR916 Hand Priming Tool: With its aluminium body it will last forever and will prime every case.
  • SR104 Case Lube Pad: Helps lubricate your cases before resizing. The built-in reloading tray helps to avoid mess on the bench.
  • SR1750 Bullet Puller: Disassemble every kind of ammunition from cal .17 to 50/70 Govt. Comes with a FREE extra set of 3 collets.
  • SR750 Digital Scale: Includes a 2.5cc and a .7 powder measure, a powder tray, a 50g calibration weight and a 10g testing weight.
  • SR55 Powder Funnel: Works with all cases from calibre .17 to .45 and the drop tube does not allow the messy powder to spill around the case's mouth.
  • Baby Powder Trickler: Made of steel, it weighs 1lb. We guarantee an excellent stability and great accuracy. Just turn the knob and add a granule or two of powder at a time to improve your loads!
  • SR787 Dream Tumbler: One of our most popular products, it is a "MUST HAVE" for every reloader. Thanks to its 3.7 quarts capacity, it will fit 600 9mm or 250 .223rem cases. Excellent quality, the heavy plastic lid has an internal seal which allows use of the tumbler with wet media too and does not allow the dust to fly away.